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How to have ridiculously intense blended orgasms

Blended orgasms can be incredibly intense. And, if you're someone who is able to orgasm through penetration/G-spot stimulation AND clit stimulation, then they shouldn't be too much work to achieve. Alicia Sinclair, founder and CEO of b-Vibe tells Cosmopolitan UK what exactly a blended orgasm is, and how you can try to have one.

"The term blended orgasm has traditionally been used to describe the type of orgasm experienced through a combination of clitoral and vaginal stimulation," she explains. "In fact, a blended orgasm is exactly what you might experience if a rabbit-style vibrator works with your anatomy. However, more recent trends in sexology have embraced – and encouraged - us to reframe and expand the understanding of the blended orgasm to include a wider range of internal and external stimulation.

"This means that 'blending' multiple erogenous zone simultaneously, to really take you over the edge, includes stimulation of the G-spot, A-Spot, and (believe it or not) anal stimulation. Blended climaxes are reported to be longer and more intense, too. Just be sure to remember that 70% of women need clitoral stimulation to get off, making the clitoris the MVP of blended orgasms."

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