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After After Party Asks A Tantalizing Question: Will Sex Robots Take Over The World?

You've seen one sex robot, you've seen them all, right?

After After Party host Sonia Denis and her guests argue that that might not be the case. Denis, joined by a panel of comedians Shalewa Sharpe, Saurin Choksi, and Liza Treyger, entered a titillating repartee about sex bots and the possible end of humanity. Just a run-of-the-mill cocktail hour conversation or parting thoughts after literally any Westworld episode.

To learn more about the future of android sex humanoids, Denis brings in sex researcher and New York University professor, Dr. Zhana Vrangalova, who calmed the panel's fears about the possibility of robot world domination.

Vrangalova dropped some revelatory facts about how far the technology and the bot movement has come. With a robot sex brothel in Germany, and a personal sex robot named "Samantha" on sale for the low, low price of $4,000, this might be more than a sci-fi wet dream. What's not a shocker, however, is that most sex bots are geared towards men.

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