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Amber Rose's 10 Tips for a Better Sex Life

Amber Rose started out as a model and music video actress, but now, she’s a champion of women’s rights as well as a bonafide sexpert. Not only does she host a podcast focused on sexual topics such as curiosity and empowerment, she’s currently the face of LELO, the world's leading brand of luxury intimate accessories.

After launching her first sex toy, branded as LELO by Amber Rose, we caught up with Rose to find out exactly how to keep things spicy in the bedroom. Here are her 10 top tips.

1. Discuss What Turns You On

We all have different tastes in the bedroom, so it’s best to make sure you’re ordering off the same menu as your partner before you get started.

“I think the best approach is just to have an honest conversation about it,” says Amber Rose. “Your partner isn't going to know what turns you on unless you tell them. Being open and honest about what you as a couple are comfortable with and what your limits are is the best way to more pleasure. And if someone is into something you don't like, don't judge them for it. Just say you aren't comfortable.”

2. Break Out of the Routine

There’s always passion in the bedroom at the beginning, but sometimes, it becomes a repetitive routine. That’s when you have to find ways to keep things exciting.

“I definitely recommend spicing things up with a sex toy,” says Rose. “Sometimes you're in a relationship and the sex isn't as exciting as it was when you first starting dating. Introducing products into your relationship can be really fun and something to look forward to. That's why I love the TIANI so much. It's for couples and it makes sex more exciting for you and your man.”

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