Sex robots to FEEL human touch with new ‘smart skin’ making cyber love more realistic
Monday, January 28, 2019 at 12:26PM

SEX robots will soon be able to 'feel' a human’s touch with a new 'smart skin' making cyber love more realistic!

The TouchYou is the latest development in sex-related technology that will supposedly make sexual interactions between humans and sex dolls more natural.

It can also be used by lovers in long-distance relationships to stimulate each other over the internet.

Sex Robots have taken off in the past few years from being seen as taboo and unconventional to becoming a booming business.

The industry is said to be worth £24billion ($30.1billion), according to Business Insider.

The UK’s first sex doll brothel opened earlier this year and many more have popped up in Finland, Germany, Spain, the US and Russia.

Sex Robots can also be bought and brought home as prices and dolls range in price.

For example, one version of the Harmony sex robot costs £6,000 while the self-lubricating Harmony 3.0 will cost £11,700.

Leonardo Gomes, who developed the TouchYou technology, believes it will make interactions between humans and sex dolls more natural because the latest sex robots can only be receptive to touch in specific areas such as the neck and genitals.

The technology is an electronic smart skin that is made up of tiny sensors that can detect the position of a touch, similar to a laptop touchpad.

It also detects the force, or pressure of the touch and sends the the information to a wireless Bluetooth device that is connected.

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