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Maybe The Vulcans Were Right About Sex

As every geek knows, Vulcans are only sexually active once every seven earth years when they become subject to a neurochemical imbalance that propels them into in a mating season called “pon farr.”

The rest of the time they are as prone to sexual excitement as a second-hand toaster.

With all the #MeToo revelations of hanky-panky in the workplace, I began to think about sex in a broader, more cultural way, and it was pretty depressing.

Talk about compulsive behavior! A heroin junkie is no less preoccupied with getting his next fix than the human race is obsessed with sex.

We’re so absorbed by the topic that we don’t even notice it any more. It’s like the stench coming from the swamp behind your house that you went nose-blind to decades ago until, out of the blue (not unlike the sudden explosion of the #MeToo meme), some Fed Ex guy rings your bell then curls up his nose and says, “Jeez, what’s that smell?”

Then, for a little while, you notice it again.

But if you think abstractly about sex as a species-centric activity, wow, I mean 24/7, it’s everywhere.

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