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What Your Zodiac Sign Says About How You Masturbate

Photo Credit: | All Rights Reserved | Model: Zafira

Like the universe itself, the study of astrology is vast and complex. The stars offer boundless cosmic guidance, serving as a celestial road map to life’s many adventures. The most fundamental astral principle, though, is simple: All you need to know to deduce your sun sign — which represents your personality and quintessential character traits — is your date of birth.

We’ve explored how the twelve zodiac signs flirt, partner up, and even get it on with one another between the sheets. But what about even more personal interests? While playmates are surely fun, there’s nothing quite like solo entertainment, and astrology can teach us about that, too. That’s right, cosmic warriors: Your sun sign can help you identify your personal masturbation style.

The benefits of self-stimulation are many. In addition to relieving stress and simply feeling good, masturbation can be an extremely soulful act.

Photo Credit: | All Rights Reserved | Model: Zafira

Through it, you can dive freely into your innermost fantasies, connecting with both your physical body and transcendent mind.

By studying each sign’s distinctive proclivities, we can explore the myriad approaches to personal pleasure. While some signs relish theatrics and grand flourishes in their “me time” (Leo, Scorpio), other signs prefer more practical, to-the-point euphoria (Cancer, Libra). Certain signs are aroused by new and exciting environments (Sagittarius, Pisces), while other signs are thrilled by cerebral foreplay (Gemini, Aquarius). And, of course, some signs use masturbation as an opportunity to build tension (Taurus, Capricorn), while others delight in an expedited climax (Aries, Virgo).

Photo Credit: | All Rights Reserved | Model: Zafira

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