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Unraveling the Erotic World of Mummy Play

Domina Fatale, an Australian-based professional dominatrix who prefers to go by her stage name, takes her time setting the mood. The sounds of neo-classical instrumental music bounce off of the dungeon walls, which are illuminated by soft light. The serene space is gently heated so that her client, a 6’5” man she endearingly calls her “rubber slave,” feels comfortable in the nude as she swathes him from head to toe, taking away his ability to move inch by inch. As his darling nickname suggests, he’s not here to get a seaweed wrap. Instead, his catsuit-wearing mistress will mummify him in sheets of plastic, duct tape and, of course, rubber.

Mummification—an extreme form of bondage in which someone is mostly or completely restrained to resemble a mummy using a variety of materials—may seem far from spa-like. But for some, the experience is as therapeutic as getting a facial. “I want people to come into the dungeon and leave feeling better,” Domina Fatale, who started her career in counseling, tells Playboy. “The ultimate goal is to have some sort of transformative experience, some sort of cathartic experience. In particular with mummification, that can be achieved through different means but, ultimately, you want that endorphins release.”

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