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This image of Krista got us shadowbanned on Instagram!!

Photo Credit: Arturo Puccini | All Rights Reserved | Model: Krista Rose

A few days ago #Instagram attacked our IG page with a serious #shadowban that limited the exposure of our #pics to mainly our followers! We had amassed 8,080 followers in 40 days!!

Beauty & Brains

Beauty and Brains feat. Krista Rose

Krista is only 19 years old but she has the maturity of a much older woman! She loves to have her fun but when it’s time to get down to business, she knows how to focus on what’s important! She’s a 4.0 med student with a minor in Psychology! And, she plays jazz on her tenor saxophone! What’s not…

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That's 202 followers per day! Since the ban was implemented we've been getting less than 9 followers per day! At the rate we were going we would have had over 100,000 in 12 months(factoring in that the 202/day would have increased over time)! IG initiated the ban by deleting this image of Krista Rose that had zero nudity! Their system probably has to delete an image before the ban can be initiated! They will continue to delete our #followers as well! If you get deleted, you can always follow us again! We probably won't be #posting to #Instagram, anymore!! Maybe if we took #cute images of #cats, we'd be OK in the eyes of Instagram! They are only destroying themselves! The #blockchain is coming! #Thanks for all of your #support!! #shadowbanned #gorgeous #models #cherish #women #lingeriesexy #instalike #censorship #fear #marchingorders #internetbillofrights

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