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Pool Party

The Pool Party

By Cherish Magazine

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Jeana is a beauty that would rather, according to her, walk around nude than wear any clothing! Jeana is 22 years old! She was born in Tennessee and reared in Minnesota! She currently calls Las Vegas her home!

Jeana is one of our our favorite models!! She has the ability to turn an average shot into an amazing shot with her beauty, charm and charisma!

If you don’t feel the heat emanating from the pages of this pictorial... you are most likely…

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Guys, meet Jeana, a gorgeous 22-year-old model who clearly likes to look beautiful—just look at that face!

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Well, here we are once again: A morning in which the sun is shining, we're happy to be alive and, holy shit, another pictorial of the always sensational Jeana Turner doing sexy things that only she can do.

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Let's get this straight, when it comes to having sex appeal and knowing how to flaunt it, there's no one quite as good as Jeana Turner!!! JT loves to pose nude but with class and elegance! We think you'll agree, she's stunning! What do you think?

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She oozes sex appeal without even trying—that my friends, is a beautiful talent.

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This sexy lady has no regard for filters, so why not allow her to show herself off and flaunt what she's so good at doing? We're just trying to be nice, see!

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Jeana has 142,000 followers on Instagram! I'm sure after this steamy pictorial, she'll head towards 1,000,000!!

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