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Diane Farr’s Top Ten List of Things to Know When Dating Outside of Your Race

Diane Farr has had her fair share of life experience. From starring in Showtime’s Californication to CBS’s NUMB3RS Farr is known for being an accomplished actress, but now Farr can add accomplished author to her resume as well. In her two published books, The Girl Code and Kissing Outside the Lines, and her third, Shades of America, on the way, Diane delves into the world of dating, dealing with issues that go far beyond is he or isn’t he interested in me.

Because when we think about dating that’s what we all think about, isn’t it? The cute meet. The crush. The will they or won’t they. The first date. After that, if we ever get passed that, it all seems like it’s smooth sailing. But that’s not always the case. Especially for women who end up dating someone outside of their race.

Farr draws on her own experiences with interracial dating and the difficulties that can arise with these complicated situations. She discusses her experience, as well as her marriage and her children, and offers some pretty helpful advice along the way.

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Richard Burton slept with three women a week for 30 years

He had good reason to be on edge: not only did Granger possess a collection of firearms, but he was unlikely to give Burton a chance to explain himself.

And what would he say, anyway, if he had the misfortune to be caught? It wasn’t as if he had any excuse. Although the Burtons were house guests of Granger and his wife Jean Simmons, they were staying in a cottage in the grounds. 

But Granger, who slept in a separate bedroom from his wife, didn’t hear a thing. Not even when Burton pushed open Simmons’ door, swept her into an embrace and proceeded to make vigorous love to her on a big sheepskin rug. Afterwards, the actor slunk out through the log-flap again and restacked all the wood. Moments later, he was lying beside his sleeping wife. 

Amazingly, this wasn’t the last time he risked all for a few hours with Simmons. The secret night-time forays went on for months — yet neither of their spouses ever suspected a thing.

The story of how Richard Burton eventually left Sybil and married the screen siren Elizabeth Taylor (twice) has often been hailed as one of the greatest of Hollywood romances. What is far less well-known is that the actor from the Welsh valleys was continually unfaithful to both his wives.

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No room to spare as Ice T's wife Coco models her new dress line for curvy women 

She has found notoriety by brazenly showing off her strikingly curvy frame and ample assets at any opportunity.

And now actor and rapper Ice T's wife Coco is hoping to help other women do the same - by releasing a line of clothing designed for the more voluptuous woman.

The glamour model and former Playboy star appears in a newly released promotional picture showing several of the pastel coloured dresses from the line, which she has named Licious.

The blonde bombshell, who is the wife of rapper and Law And Order actor Ice T, has tweeted the photo in which she shows four mini dresses in different colours, all of which are extremely revealing and figure-hugging.


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It’s Nikki B! And ‘B’ is for … Bomb? Butt? Bathroom Reading Material?

The last time you saw Nikki B in this space she was one of the finalists in King magazine’s Web Girl contest. It’s standard stuff for this successful and bootylicious babe. “I’ve been in several magazines within the urban genre — Smooth, XXL, King,” she says. “I’ve also been in a few videos with some artists you may recognize: Kanye West, “Power;” The Game ft. Travis Baker, “Dope Boys;”and “Boss” by Rick Ross — to name a few.

Hometown/Birthplace: Bronx, NY.

Current location: I am either in New York or in LA. Because of my modeling career I find that I really need to be in both places.

Upcoming projects: Right now I am working on my new t-shirt line; you can see it on my website While you’re at it, follow me at and join my Facebook fan page,

Measurements: 36D-29-40 — a nice handful!

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Rachel makes oral love to a CHOCOLATE-COVERED Magnum

This week wouldn’t be complete without a nod to Karl Lagerfeld’s new short film (that’s Parisian for ‘commercial’) for Magnum. Yes, that’s right, Magnum: the creamy, calorific, chocolate-covered ice cream by Walls (Streets is you live in oz), which – in case you weren’t aware – is the fashion set’s icecream of choice. (I didn’t know this either. Maybe when fashion people ask for an icecream they’re actually not referring to drugs?)

Karl is really getting back into food… Two weeks ago, he premiered his new special edition Diet Coke bottles. Of course, that’s a healthy choice compared to Magnum but by the looks of Rachel Bilson, you can eat loads of Magnums and still be a famished ballet dancer. (Rachel doesn’t work that much, though. She has loads of time for the gym.)

So, the short film: like a sugar-coated version of Black Swan, Rachel Bilson dances the night away, goes backstage and is applauded by an unfashionably large number of elderly people (Karl’s friends?), who I suspect have been dubbed. It’s a bit of mystery but anyway, they think she’s awesome.

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24 years old
Miami, Fl

Music Videos
Jae Millz ft Chris Brown-Green Goblin-Lead

Elijah King ft Gyptian - Never see you again - Lead

Rick Ross ft Gucci Man-Mc Hammer-Lead

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"Bikini Flash Mob" is a stylish and cool L.A. moment set to music

What happens when you take a sunny day in Los Angeles and mix two parts bikinis and swimsuits with one part cool music mashup?

This video, that's what - you've got to check this one out!

Suddenly it's feeling a lot more like summer, right?

The sweet video and event was a viral promotion done by Pacific Sun and per their description of it:

See what happens when clothes come off and music turns up!

We hijacked the Grove in Los Angeles and made it our summer playground for a few minutes.

Our friends in Passion Pit mashed up La Roux's "I'm Not Your Toy" with Young the Giant's "My Body" to create our exclusive flash mob track "My Body's Not Your Toy"


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Hot Coffee and cream served almost NUDE  

Coffeehouses in parts of Orange County have become known not only for iced coffee and smoothies but for employing waitresses who serve those drinks in various states of undress, including women who wear sheer undergarments and pasties.

Now the Garden Grove City Council is cracking down on not only the skimpy attire and occasional nudity, but also on the illegal gambling and smoking that police say is occurring in some of the city's 37 coffeehouses, mostly located in Little Saigon. More of these shops are in nearby Santa Ana and Westminster.

On Tuesday night, the council unanimously passed an amendment to an ordinance that would ban smoking and gambling in the shops. The amendment, which could become effective by June 25, would also ban employees from exposing genitals and breasts.

In March, police raided 20 coffeehouses and arrested 23 people for illegal gambling and seized 186 "amusement devices," which are usually games such as Pac-Man rigged to become illegal gambling machines. Police also seized $145,000 in cash, believed to be related to gambling.

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Marketers target tweens & teens 4 SEXY WEAR

Objectification theory (Fredrickson and Roberts 1997) proposes that women from Western cultures are widely portrayed and treated as objects of the male gaze, leading to the development of self-objectification, in which girls and women internalize these societal messages and view their own bodies as objects to be evaluated according to narrow standards of (often sexualized) attractiveness.

Accordingly, in this content analysis, we examined the frequency and nature of “sexualizing” clothing available for girl children (generally sizes 6–14) on the websites of 15 popular stores in the US. Sexualizing clothing was defined as clothing that revealed or emphasized a sexualized body part, had characteristics associated with sexiness, and/or had sexually suggestive writing.

Clothing was also coded for childlike characteristics, such as child-like fabric (e.g., polka dot pattern) or a modest, non-revealing cut. Across all stores and all articles of clothing, 69% of the clothing items were coded as having only childlike characteristics, 4% as having only sexualizing characteristics, 25.4% as having both sexualizing and childlike characteristics, and 1% as having neither sexualizing nor childlike characteristics. “Tween” stores like Abercrombie Kids had the highest proportion of sexualizing clothing.

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Girl-on-Girl Bowling Bash and Eight Other Aqua Girl 2011 Parties

Every year when the weather tuns hot, sticky, and superintense, South Beach gets flooded with a million ladies who love ladies for a weeklong rush of lesbian, bisexual, and transgender fun.

It's called Aqua Girl and the parties get started tonight. Expect LGBT mob scenes at the Palace for happy hour and Lucky Strike Lanes for a girl-on-girl bowling bash before the Aqua invasion sprints off to Dream, the Surfcomber, Nikki Beach, Grand Central, and Score.

See the cut for Aqua Girl's party schedule. And check out for info on other events including all-girl workout sessions, gay comedy shows, and boozy brunches.

Aqua Girl 2011 Party Lineup

Wednesday, May 11, to Saturday, May 14
Happy Hour. The Palace, 1200 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach. Drinks from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. with no cover.

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