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Cherish Magazine :: January 2011

Vol. 1 Issue 1

Cherish Magazine Issue 1:

Sit back and enjoy the
new year with exclusive
images of Liz Ashley,
Amber Gangi, Candace
Nirvana and Jenise.

All four models
reveal their
beautiful bodies in some
very exotic locations!

Take a peek at your
astrological forecast for
January and get ready
for next month's

Next month we'll
feature the research
of Steven Jones(PhD)
and what he found
in the World Trade
Center dust!

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2011 Cherish Calendar!

Keeping beauty fondly in mind!

2011 Cherish Calendar
(with nudes)

This is a brand new 2011
Calendar with some
amazing monthly images!
All Photos in this calendar
are of the highest quality
and resolution.

Not Pixilated Knock-Off's

12 Month Calendar!

January 2011 thru
December 2011! Hang it
on your wall at home or
work and be surrounded
by your favorite images
thru the end of 2011!

It features some of the top
glam models in the world
including Playboy cover
model Thea Coleman, Liz
Ashley, Candace Nirvana,
and …

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