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Kissing: The Hot Love Habit That Makes You Both Happier

Have you ever wondered why we kiss? It's actually a strange way to spend your time  lips smooshed together, breath (good or bad) mingling, and let's not even get into the tongue action. Yet we love it. We cheer when movie characters seal their happily-ever-afters with a smooch. A bodies-pressed-together kiss can make you remember why you adore the man who was annoying you just a minute ago. Why is that? "For some women, kissing is even more intimate than intercourse," says Redbook contributing editor and ob/gyn Hilda Hutcherson, M.D., who devoted a whole chapter to the importance of kissing in her book What Your Mother Never Told You About S-E-X. "That deep level of connection you get when you lock lips and tongues is important." Hutcherson isn't just being a romantic  there's science behind the power of kissing: It causes our bodies to release endorphins and oxytocin, hormones that help us feel happy and more attached.

So it worries Hutcherson and other experts that kissing is one of the first things to dwindle when couples hit the long-term. In a recent Redbook  poll, 79 percent of readers said they don't kiss their husbands nearly as much as they'd like; 14 percent said they're lucky to do it once a day. Alise, a 41-year-old mother of two, admits that for months, "we were down to a peck in the morning, maybe not even that."

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For Penis lovers 

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In life, Pall Arason sought attention. In death, he is getting it: The 95-year-old Icelander's pickled penis will be the main attraction in one of his country's most bizarre museums.

Sigurdur Hjartarson, who runs the Phallological Museum in the tiny Icelandic fishing town of Husavik, said Arason's organ will help round out the unusual institution's extensive collection of phalluses from whales, seals, bears and other mammals.

Several people had pledged their penises over the years -- including an American, a Briton, and a German -- but Arason's was the first to be successfully donated, Hjartarson said.

"I have just been waiting for this guy for 15 years," he told The Associated Press in a brief telephone interview.

Hjartarson's museum started in Reykjavik but has since moved to Husavik, a small community better known for its whale watching. The Phallological Museum is an important part of the region's tourist industry, bringing in thousands of visitors every summer.

Highlights of the museum's collection include a 170-centimeter (67-inch) sperm whale penis preserved in formaldehyde, lampshades made from bull testicles and what the museum described as an "unusually big" penis bone from a Canadian walrus.

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Chinese 3D EROTIC FILM may get sequel 

They say sex sells, and it now seems that sex in stereoscope is at least twice as marketable. A Chinese film billed as the world's first 3D porn movie may get a sequel after opening to enthusiastic audiences in Hong Kong.

Sex and Zen 3D: Extreme Ecstasy packed cinemas across Hong Kong yesterday as curious filmgoers flocked to see the highly hyped movie for themselves. The film, set at the raunchy court of Ming-dynasty ancient China, is a sequel to an earlier Chinese movie, 1991's Sex and Zen, which remains Hong Kong's highest-grossing adult film.

"It depends on the box office of 3D Sex and Zen, but we're hoping the sequel will start production as soon as the end of 2011 with an all-new cast," producer Stephen Shiu Jr told the Hollywood Reporter. He said Imax had rejected the film for screening in its Hong Kong cinemas "because of the subject matter and content", but added: "For our premiere in Taiwan, we will show the film in an Imax 3D theatre using their 3D screening equipment."

More than 70% of tickets for Sex and Zen 3D have already been sold in advance of Hong Kong screenings, some of which are completely sold out, according to reports.

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How To Get A Guy To Notice You While You're Having Sex With Him 

How To Get A Guy To Notice You While You're Having Sex With Him

Today Now! dating expert Rebeccah Rachel shares tips for getting the attention of that cute guy who's thrusting his erection inside of you.

It's hard enough getting a guy's attention at a bar, the library, the church potluck or a funeral, but getting him to notice you in the bedroom is practically murder. Fortunately, ONN's dating expert Rebeccah Rachel has some great tips for turning a guy's head even when he's turning you over.


  • Graphical Feature: Get Him To Notice You During Sex
  • Graphical Feature: Make Sure To Flirt
  • Graphical Feature: Keep An Accessory Wall Next To Your Bed
  • Graphical Feature: Unforgettable-Sex Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Rosa Acosta :: Dominican Doll

Rosa started her classic ballet studies at the age of four at the Centro de la Cultura in Santiago, Dominican Republic.

She later moved on to the ICA, ( Instituto de Cultura y Arte), where she excelled as one of the most gifted students of the academy. After graduating with honors from the ICA and the Ballet School of Norma Garcia with a Bachelor in Art with mention to Classic Ballet, she became part of the Dominican Nacional Ballet as the youngest soloist member in 2002.

Partaking in all major classic and modern shows in the Dominican Republic, she is nominated twice by the Secretaria de Estado de la Juventud for her work in the category of Cultural Development. She initiated her modeling career in 2004, participating in magazines and television for prestigious Dominican enterprises.

Rosa moves to United States in 2006 where her career takes a new turn, distinguishing herself in several areas of the modeling world, featuring in magazines, radio, tv programs and commercials and numerous music videos.

Contact and booking information

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In defense of wandering eyes

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It's a cliché setup: A woman catches her boyfriend staring slack-jawed at another lady and smacks him on the arm. How dare he let his animal impulses show through their tenuous pact of monogamy. This familiar sitcom scenario is backward -- and not just in the sense that it plays up the stereotype of the crazy-jealous girlfriend. It turns out that trying to punish a significant other when his or her eyes wander might actually backfire and encourage infidelity, according to a study published in this month's Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

Researchers subjected a bunch of undergrad guinea pigs to a computer game involving photos of strangers, followed by a questionnaire. When their attention to photos of attractive members of the opposite sex was "subtly limited" in the game, it "reduced relationship satisfaction and commitment and increased positive attitudes toward infidelity."

The study explains, "Being told simply not to look is probably not an effective strategy for boosting satisfaction and commitment or reducing interest in alternatives" -- and it's for the same reason that telling a kid to keep his hands off the cookie jar doesn't reduce his interest in sweets. "The story of Adam and Eve and the forbidden fruit underscores a general human tendency to want what we can't have," says researcher Nathan DeWall.

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Women put quality before quantity when it comes to sex 

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MOST men in heterosexual relationships feel they are not having enough sex, but seem more satisfied than women with the sex they are having, an Australian study has found.

Whether we have our desired amount of sex influences not only how happy we are with our sex life, but also our overall relationship, the researchers found.

Their study of more than 6500 men and women in regular relationships showed 54 per cent of men and 42 per cent of women were not satisfied with the amount of sex they were having.

But while the dissatisfied men overwhelmingly wanted more sex, one-third of the dissatisfied women wanted less.

The study's co-author, Juliet Richters, of the School of Public Health and Community Medicine at the University of NSW, said often women preferred sex involving more than traditional intercourse. When this was not forthcoming, they could lose interest. "They are just not getting the sex they want," she said.

"We have this idea that sex should revolve around intercourse and that favours the man of course,'' she said.

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